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"Germanacos’s stories leap from myth to domestic scene to essayistic meditation, all the while expertly mapping their own movement; she is a bold and exacting chronicler of the love affair between form and content. In the Time of the Girls offers both the great seductions of the short story and—at the same time, with a mischievous facility—an exhilarating study of the act of fiction-making." --Hilary Plum

"The seductive, sly, smart fictions in Anne Germanacos’s debut display a remarkable range. These astute stories investigate matters personal and public, religious and political, physical and psychological—all in a language that’s forthright and clear, yet wonderfully allusive as well. Germanacos’s tales tackle big questions about the making, keeping, and risking of love. Ultimately, they interrogate selfhood: can it stand up to the questioning? We need this kind of rigor and playfulness—and candor." --Martha Cooley

“The echoing narratives convey a rich, mysterious flow of possibility, and a sense of ancient energies pushing up into the ongoing present.“ --Sven Birkerts

"Her haunting, compressed narratives are as elegant and detailed as Persian miniatures. The gods live in these rich tales, and so do 21st century wives and husbands, sons and daughters, priests and artists. --Louise Steinman

"Anne Germanacos’ literary form defies traditional classification—bridging prose and poetry—it must be experienced. Each piece is a small gem." --Howard Gardner

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