MergEmerge offers an alternative to habitual styles of thinking, encouraging the integration of things that are distinct and dissimilar. 

52 intriguing images, 52 unique texts

Combine cards in an open-ended solution to the question of narrative-making. 

Use a single card or a pair as focus for meditation, sparks of inspiration.  

The cards arrived yesterday. What a great surprise, and how especially well-timed to interrupt our rather limited and repetitive lives... We had a great time using them last night after dinner. I appreciated how we sometimes engaged in storytelling, and other times in more philosophical reflection. We mostly worked with pairs of cards, but Isaac made his way to linking four. We look forward to further exploration. HF

I was startled by the first card I picked up:

You were my mother; I was your daughter. 

We were a pair

I am reading Toni Morrison's Beloved and, just this morning, had gotten to the part where the mother and daughter are addressing one another in a similar way. I love how that synchronicity can happen. JM

One evening, I decided to play MergEmerge 

with my seven-year-old. On the one hand, 

it was a ridiculous idea--this game of aesthetics 

and poetics, of logic and illogic, with a seven-

year-old? On the other hand, who better? 

He got it right away, and immediately 

wove together ideas, feelings, images, 

and associations in ways that delighted

and surprised me. ES

I picked out two cards, went in to my studio

and improvised my dance to the words 

and picture connections. It kind of reminds me of using the I Ching many years ago....AK

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