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"A master of silence and the subtle pass, Germanacos builds her absorbing and seductive narratives from a thousand fragments. Her paradoxes--intimate, edgy, and luminous--tease us through a maze of reflections on mothers and daughters, Freud, sex and desire, and politics. 
'What is it that writing does to a life?' Tribute is her answer: it gives it meaning." --Askold Melnyczuk 
"In a form all its own, navigating aphorism, journal, poetry, and novel, Anne Germanacos sounds out the profound territory of eros and grief, and their often unexplored interdependence." --Maggie Nelson 
"What can language do to resolve grief, to forge or release intimacy? In Tribute, Anne Germanacos responds to these mysteries by scouring and saving lit moments, phrases, and scraps. Far from being an act of withholding or willful sketchiness, Tribute is a passionate erasure back to bone." --Lia Purpura 
"Anne Germanacos writes with wit and passion: she is a modern metaphysical poet. Her one-line fragments, discrete and connected, probe the desires and terrors of her embodied existence. Her words move us inward to our own most vital and painful zones." --Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg 
"Anne Germanacos’ moving Tribute is at once arrestingly precise, deeply mysterious, and wholly unexpected. Every sentence is written with the acuity and emotional complexity of a poem, and in the charged spaces in between these sentences, the inexpressible reposes—beyond grief, beyond love, there for the reader to recognize and absorb in a visceral, transformative way." --Dawn Raffel
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